Mobile air conditioning - its benefits and more details

Thermal comfort and adequate air humidity affect positively job performance and satisfaction of our customers. Both cooling and heating is becoming an issue for more and more companies, especially due to the changing climate, which requires us to cope with weather conditions bringing extreme temperatures. What is important about air conditioning is that it not only solves the cooling or heating of a space, but also regulates its humidity. And to meet exactly these needs there is our specialized short- and long-time hire of high-performance mobile air conditioners and industrial fans.

Where the air conditioning can be used:

  • company expositions in fairs and exhibitions
  • when organizing conferences and trainigns
  • in restaurants and kitchens
  • for events and parties in outdoor party tents
  • in sports halls
  • in clinics and health facilities
  • in server rooms and spaces with computer equipment requiring powerful cooling
  • to cool production lines in industrial buildings

The benefits of renting a mobile air conditioner or a fan:

  • No need to invest any large sums of money as you only rent the AC or ventilation equipment for the bare minimum of time it will be needed by your company.
  • Having an electricity supply is enough - we will arrange the rest for you. We will recommend a device with a suitable output and functions, select location of the equipment, provide supply lines and ducts and mount the equipment. In the same way, dismanteling and return of the equipment will be taken care of by us.
  • Mobile AC and ventilation fans are easy to operate and the operation is fully automatic.
  • Fast solution to emergencies.
  • The equipment is easy to move around your company according to your needs.
  • On request the AC can be fitted with a biological filter and an ioniser, which is especially appreciated by health care personnel.
  • If unsure whether to procure permanent AC or a ventilation fan, a short-time hire will give you the answer. You can simply try out different equipment to help you decide if a permanent device is a good investment for you.

Why to rent your air conditioner from HEAT:

  • Our experience with heating and cooling goes back to 1991.
  • We only rent high quality and high performance air conditioners.
  • Regular customers receive discounted prices.